The Foals: Áki, Brynja, Dvalinn, Efridís, Flikka, Gandálfur, Hilmir and Isadís frá Skógarrönd

All our foals are micro chipped, DNA tested on both parents and registered in the worldwide database for purebred Icelandic horses WorldFengur ( They all have a FEIF passport and Certificate of Ownership from BÍ Iceland.

Áki, a colt, was born on 11 October 2008 out of our mare Hugför frá Kopavógi and our stallion Þótti frá Wetsinghe. He shows very nice movements, has an easy tölt and even showed a clear pace. He is brown black, like his mother. He has grown into a real nice teenager with lots of manes. In the mean time he has found a new home with Christine and her family near Hastings. We wish them a great time with Áki and will keep in touch!

Brynja was born on 4 December 2009 out of the same combination. Again this combination proves to be very successful! Brynja is an elegant and tall filly with nice high movements. Brynja is four gaited, brown-black and has a couple of white hairs on her head; a tiny little star. In March 2013 Brynja moved to her new home in Christchurch with Julia. We wish her new owner all the best with beautiful Brynja and of course we will keep in touch!

On 11 December 2010 our third foal out of this combination was born; a beautiful brown-black colt with a clear star named Dvalinn. He is gelded in December 2011 He is a four gaiter. We are currently training him and when his gaits are fully settled and we can say goodbye to him, he will be for sale but now we are still enjoying him too much!

Our New Years foal Efridís (a higher goddess) was born on Wednesday 4 January 2012. She is a beautiful and curious filly which showed a clear four beat tölt with very nice leg movements. Her colour is brown black with a tiny star. She loved racing around with her mum and big brother Dvalinn in the large paddock. Efridís has followed our first born Áki to live with Christine and her family in Hastings. She has just had her first foal, a beautiful brown-black filly out of our Dökkvi!

On 28 September our fifth foal out of the same combination was born; a filly which we named Flikka (Flihk-ka). Again a real beauty, brown black and this time with a big star. She happily tölts, walks and canters with her mum Hugför. Below a picture of Flikka showing off in tölt. Flikka now lives with Carolyn and family in Twizel and shares the paddock with half brother Reykir (same Sire, our stallion Þótti frá Wetsinghe).

Our 6th foal was born on 26 November 2014: Gandálfur. A very lively colt out of the new combination Dökkvi from Haldane Icelandic Horses and our mare Hugför. It is the first foal for young Dökkvi and we are very happy with this beautiful colt out of him! Below some pictures of Gandálfur. In the mean time he is gelded and grown into a handsome sturdy and tall 3 year old with a clear beat endless tölt.

On the fifth of November 2016, our 7th foal was born, also out of Dökkvi and our mare Hugför, Hilmir. Another handsome and tall very lively foal which loved to hang out with our stallion Þótti. He also will become very tall and handsome and as all the other foals has clear separated gaits.

On 11 November 2017 our last foal out of our beloved Þótti was born in Ashburton at Sara Russell's place. Sara is her owner and will use her as future breeding mare. She is also a beauty with a well raised front and we are looking forward to seeing her grow up in a beautiful mare with lots of breeding potential!