Þótti frá Wetsinghe (NL2002100078)

Þótti (pronounce as Thotti) is a five-gaited, totally black stallion with a good four-beat tölt and very nice leg action. He carries the genes from the high ranked and famous Icelandic stallions Hrafn frá Holtsmúla and Sörli frá Sauðarkróki.

Þótti is out of Hrefna vom Wiesenhof and Pruður frá Wetsinghe. His mother Hrefna proved to be producing various well assessed stallions like his half-brother Trúr frá Wetsinghe. Trúr is one of the highest judged four-gaited stallions in the world.

Several offspring of his father, the friendly and very nice moving Dutch five-gaited stallion Pruður frá Wetsinghe, did very well at recent assessments and received high marks. Pruður's offspring are in general horses with a nice leg action, friendly character and an enormous will to go.

Þótti is not related to any of the breeding horses Down Under. Like his father, Þótti seems to pass on his ability for an easy tölt and friendly character. Þótti is DNA tested, chipped and fully registered with the FEIF and on World Fengur. He is tested on spavin through 4 X-rays on each hind leg.

Sadly our beloved Þótti passed away due to a tragic accident in October 2017. We miss him incredibly and he will always stay in our hearts. Here you can find a special newsletter dedicated to him. His legacy will continue in his offspring. With our mare Hugför we have bred: Áki, Brynja, Dvalinn, Efridís, Flikka and Isadís.


Dökkvi from Haldane Icelandic Horses (AU2011103004)

Dökkvi is a tall, black and handsome 5 gaited stallion. He is out of Haukur frá Stuðlum and carries genes from famous Icelandic horse stallions like Dynur frá Hvammi, Galsi frá Sauðarkróki, Ófeigur frá Flugumeýri. We have just started him in 2017 and he has beautiful and easy, well seperated gaits with a clear four beat tölt. He passes this on to his offspring and due to his conformation he also can be classified as a stock improver to the New Zealand Icelandic horse population, just like Þótti.

He is available for breeding in a herd and will travel on demand. Please contact us for further information.