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International Day of the Icelandic horse, May 1

The Icelandic Equestrian Association, in cooperation with the marketing initiative Horses of Iceland collaborate on a weekend of celebration for the Icelandic horse. This weekend is about two events:

­APRIL 30 – Horse parade from Hallgrímskirkja to Austurvöllur, Reykjavík, Iceland

The annual horse parade through the city center is alw­ays a sight to see! The parade w­ill commence at 1 pm at Hallgrímskirkja ­with festivities and a speech from the Mayor of Reykjavík, and continue down Skólavörðustíg – Bankastræti – Austurstræti – Pósthússtræti – Vonarstræti. The ride ­will end in Austurvöllur (the parliament square), giving onlookers a chance to meet horses and riders!

MA­Y 1 – Day of the Icelandic horse

O­wners of Icelandic horses all over the ­world are encouraged to organise an Open House day at their stables, and individuals are to invite their family and friends along to meet their horse. People are encouraged to share their moments with fans all over the world by posting photos/videos on their preferred social media with the hashtag #horsesoficeland. The best picture/video, where owners and horses are in a nature setting, will win a full week admission pass to the Icelandic horse festival Landsmót 2016 in Iceland!

Connect here with our event on Facebook!

Strategic Marketing and Promotion

Stakeholders in the Icelandic horse community have joined hands to develop a strategic marketing plan to tell the story of the Icelandic horse in international markets under the moniker Horses of Iceland. The objective is to make more people aware of the good qualities of the Icelandic horse, all over the world. The focus will not only be on the horse itself, but also on horse-related services and products, with the aim to enlarge the Icelandic horse community.

This project is co-funded by the industry and Icelandic Government. The Government will contribute up to ISK 25 million per year for four years if that amount is collected from stakeholders. Many companies have already made their commitment to the project.

The project is still open for participation and everyone is encouraged to partake!

For further information about the project, visit the website www.horsesoficeland, or contact Jelena Ohm (, Project Manager or Guðný Káradóttir (, Director at Promote Iceland + 354 511 4000.

Get yourself and your horse 'dressed' for the winter.

With the wet and cold weather you have to be well dressed before you go out and about. An old Scandinavian saying ' there is no bad weather, only bad clothing' is so true! The Karlslund collection has a very nice jacket, made of high-tech shell fabric with good water tightness, taped and welded seams with reflective strips, water tight zippers. Detachable hood. Specially made to accommodate riding positions and riding environment. In grey-black, XS-XL, tight feminine fit.
For the horse Karlslund has a fleece rug with neck piece to help quicken the process of drying up after a ride on these wet and cold winter days. The fleece will dissipate the moisture and the coat will dry out faster. The rug has a tail band and cross bands under the belly. Grey with Icelandic horse embroidery Please feel free to contact us for more information. For more products of the Karlslund range, see Their product range is available to us.

Eidfaxi Icelandic horse magazine; a must if you are serious about Icelandics!

Below you can find information of this great magazine from the editor. In the latest English edition an article on Icelandic horses in New Zealand. You can download this issue for FREE  here. If you would like to have a subscription, please contact us ( or the New Zealand Icelandic Horse Association, IceHNZ ( for the possibility of a discount for New Zealand.

Eiðfaxi International for 20 years

Eiðfaxi was the first international magazine established around the Icelandic horse and it united horse people all over the world. The first Eiðfaxi International edition was released about twenty years ago. At that time Eiðfaxi had been published in Icelandic for seventeen years and the publication had established itself in discussions amongst Icelandic horse people. With the emerging of Eiðfaxi International in 1994 even more lovers of the horse entered into the discussions.

Now, 20 years later, times have changed. The flow of information has become enormous with the emergence of the internet. There are other horse mediums which deliver the message of equitation and the larger media put more emphasis on horse related matters. All of this is a cause to rejoice. Along with changing times, Eiðfaxi has undergone alterations as well. But Eiðfaxi has always remained a trusting and sure partner for horse people, a sounding board which everyone can look to for information about their matters of interest.

It is believed that about 60 thousand people practice Icelandic equitation worldwide. Eiðfaxi International is meant to serve a wide range and a large group of readers with different spectrum of interest within equitation. It has always been considered quite difficult to please everyone; both novice riders who need basic information as well as hard core competition riders who want to acquaint themselves with the newest training methods. Not to mention different conditions between countries. Presently, good people organize Eiðfaxi; people who have the ambition to publish a magazine that appeals to all lovers of the Icelandic horse.

We are working wholeheartedly when it comes to publishing Eiðfaxi International. Our objective is to publish an informative and critical magazine. We always want to do better, hear something new and be reminded of old values.  News media has to be interactive; otherwise it is not worth much.  Eiðfaxi is meant to be a forum of objective exchange of opinions and we would appreciate hearing from our readers.

The substance of the magazine has been translated articles from the Icelandic edition and it will continue to be so. And in addition to that, articles have specially been written for the magazine. In the coming year, we would like to increase the element of original articles in the magazine and therefore we ask for collaborators amongst readers. Are you interested in writing an article in the magazine? Is there something that you would like to read in Eiðfaxi? Do not hesitate to send us a message at

The material in Eiðfaxi will revolve around everything related to equitation and I am hoping that in this magazine, all lovers of the horse will find something suitable.

Guðrún Hulda Pálsdóttir
Eiðfaxi editor

Horse & Pony

In the latest Horse & Pony magazine (April 2014) Flikka and her mum featured on the  'new born' page. Thanks H&P, its is a nice way to promote the Icelandic horses!


Next to the high quality Stubben range of gear for Icelandic horses we now also sell the Karlslund range of riding equipment, for horse and rider. See We have several items in stock; girths, saddles, stirrups, stirrup leathers, bridle, gelpad, whips, etc. Please contact us for more information.


A link to our latest newsletter with information on our (breeding) horses, correct position in the saddle, why you should take a subscription on Eidafxi and more can be found here. Links to previous newsletter can be found at the bottom of this page.

ESNZ / Courses

I finalised my course for Introductory Coach through Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ), see their website

I will be available for course throughout the country on request.

Have just been to Christchurch for a course with Inga, Sharon, Sara and Jaana. I find it really important to set up a proper foundation for horses as well as riders. Without a proper base you cannot build a house! We worked on position and aids of the rider, response and supleness of the horses, proper gear used for training and riding. Within a couple of days you already saw a big difference! The riders as well as horses enjoyed it.

As Rome also was not build on one day, patience with training is very important. Take little steps, ask a little and reward a lot. Be friends with your horses and show them how much you appreciate their efforts to work with you.


On 28 September 2013 our filly Flikka (Flihk-ka) was born. She is a real brown-black beauty with a big white star. She shows a clear four beat tölt, walk and canter and loves showing off her abilities to move as you can see on the picture below!

Flikka showing off in tolt

WC Berlin and Course in Iceland August 2013

I have combined a visit to my family and friends in the Netherlands with watching the finals of the World Championships for Icelandic horses in Berlin and a  course with Trausti Þór Guðmundsson in Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga, near Selfoss, South Iceland. I have seen incredible horses at the WC, especially Hnokki frá Fellskoti with Jóhann Rúnar Skúlasson who scored the un-believable score of 9.61 in total, made a lot of impression.
The course in Iceland at Trausti’s Riding School (see was a great experience. I have learned a lot from this very good trainer! Iceland, great people, great horses and great country!
For more information click here for our latest newsletter.

Riding Osp fra Kirkjuferjuhjaleiga      Riding Ösp frá Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga, August 2013, Iceland

The legendary stallion Stali fra Kjarri   Visiting the legendary stallion Stáli frá Kjarri near Selfoss, Iceland.


In June 2013 we imported a young colt form Australia, together with another breeder in the South Island. Dökkvi carries very interesting genes. From his father’s side Dynur frá Hvammi, son of Orri frá Þúfu and from his mothers side twice Galsi frá Sauðárkróki (Sire to her dam as well as her sire). Galsi is a son of Ófeigur frá Flugumýri. This year he first will be in with our experienced breeding mare Hugför. She will teach him all there is to learn about breeding!

Brynja is sold

Our 3 year old filly Brynja has found a loving new home with Julia and Lizz in Christchurch. She moved there March 2013 and we wish Julia and Lizz lots of pleasure with Brynja and we will keep in touch!

Aki is started

Aki, who moved to Christine in Hastings last year is started in the mean time. He is enjoying being ridden and Christine takes him out and about and even through the river. We are proud of you both!!! And looking forward to hear all about their adventures.

NZ handmade bridle

The traditional Icelandic horse bridle consist of a headstall with a loose droped noseband and platted leather reins. As we like a bit of tradition we are very happy to let you know we found someone local who was able to make such a bridle special for us! We named this bridle 'Fálki' after my good old competition horse. This sturdy bridle is made out of fine quality leather and comes in basic black but other colours will be available on request. See also pics and information in our latest newsletter below.

Bridle Falki  Bridle Falki


Our first born foal is sold!

Our first foal Áki, born 11 October 2008, has found a new home near Hastings with Christine and her family. Although it is always sad to say goodbye to one of the horses, we know he has found a very good and loving home and wish his new owners a great time with him. Of course we will keep in touch and follow his progress!! It is so great we can share the passion for Icelandic horses with people here in New Zealand.   


We are now also on facebook; click here for our page!

Our foal is born!

On Wednesday 4 January 2012 very early in the morning, our latest filly was born. She is beautiful and elegant, brown-black and has a tiny star. We named her Efridís which means a higher goddess. Her proud mum is Hugför frá Kopavógi, dad is our stallion Þótti frá Wetsinghe.

Efridis    Efridis tolting around

Wool better than foam

A recent research at a University in Sweden showed a better pressure distribution over the horse's back by saddles filled with wool compared to those filled with foam. For your information, the Benni's Harmony Range of Stübben saddles is filled with wool.

New Products

We now also sell Icelandic safety stirrups see pictures below.


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