Viking Horses

When the Vikings settled in Iceland in the late 9th century, they brought with them their best horses from various origins, though mostly of Germanic descent. Although the origin was mixed, today it is one of the most pure bred horse breed in the world due to its isolation. Click here for a nice video on Youtube. They are Pure as Ice!
On this website you can find more information on this spirited, powerful gaited breed:

The Icelandic Horse is the only breed in the world which can naturally master five gaits: walk, trot, tölt, canter/gallop and pace.

 Osp fra Kirkjuferjuhjaleiga Jennie riding Ösp frá Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga in tölt, Iceland, August 2013

Cool as Ice

Icelandic Horses become increasingly popular around the world. Today the FEIF, Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, has 19 member countries. Many people have now discovered this charming easy to handle breed; they are really Cool as Ice!
The population of Icelandic horses in New Zealand is slowly but steadily growing, as per end 2017 there are more than 160 horses registered here. 

If you would like to read more about the Icelandic horse, click on "The Icelandic Horse" for a small booklet on the breed, published by The Horse Breeders Association of Iceland, 2006.
The English edition of the Icelandic Horse magazine Eiðfaxi, provides up to date information on breeding, training and competitions in Iceland and abroad.