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I have been involved with Icelandic horses for more than 30 years, as leisure and competition rider, training and breeding, stallion owner and coaching and last year helping translating from Dutch 'The Complete Guide to the Icelandic horse' by Lex van Keulen and Vanda Oosterhuis. There is no doubt Icelandic horses are my passion!
When moving from the Netherlands to New Zealand in 2003, there was no doubt about bringing some of my beloved Icelandic horses with us: the gelding Biskup frá Wetsinghe and Þótti frá Wetsinghe were flown in from the Netherlands.
In 2007 followed by a brood mare born and bred in Iceland; Hügför frá Kópavógi and in 2013, we have imported a young colt from Australia together with another breeder from the South Island.

Skógarrönd LTD

In 2006 we established our small company dedicated to the Icelandic horse: Skógarrönd LTD.

More information on this website!

With Warm Regards,

Jennie Boerema