Having ridden mainly large Warmbloods, in 1984 I was introduced to Icelandic horses for the first time. I never looked back and bought my first horse in the same year; the 5 year old Icelandic gelding Rólegur frá Jacobsstadir. In the years to come he was followed by several other geldings and a mare. I rode competitions, did trail riding, attended clinics from trainers like Walter Feldmann Junior, Bernd Vith, Reynir Aðalsteinson, Els van der Tas and Maaike Burggrafer to name a few and recently have had lessons from Trausti þór Guðmundsson in Iceland.
I bred some foals out of the mare Ör frá Gufunési imported from Iceland. The horses became a part of my life and when we decided to move from the Netherlands to New Zealand, there was no doubt about bringing some Icelandic Horses with us. When finally moving to New Zealand in 2003, we took the 5 year old gelding Biskup frá Wetsinghe and Þótti frá Wetsinghe, a one year old colt, with us.
In 2007 we imported a brood mare born and bred in Iceland; Hügför frá Kópavógi and most recently, in 2013, we have imported a young colt from Australia together with another breeder from the South Island. The colt, Dökkvi, is out of Haukur frá Stuðlum and Miska from Haldanes Icelandic Horses. He carries very interesting genes from his Sire's side (Dynur frá Hvammi, son of Orri frá þúfu) as well as his dam's (inbred to Galsi frá Sauðarkróki). Dökkvi is currently the colt with the highest breeding value in New Zealand!

Skógarrönd LTD

We established a small company dedicated to the Icelandic horse: Skógarrönd LTD. We promote this breed Down Under, breed with Icelandic horses of excellent pedigrees on a small scale, have two excellent stallions at stud with high breeding values, sell quality gear especially made for the Icelandic horse: the Stübben Benni's Harmony saddle range and now also the Karlslund range of riding equipment for both horse and rider. We sell the book "Harmony" and DVDs "Starting Horses" and "Training" from the Icelandic master trainer Benni Líndal (currently sold out!).
We have assisted in the translation of a new book on Icelandic horses from Dutch to English. It will be presented on the WC for Icelandic horses in Oirschot, August 2017 and for sale here soon after. Watch this space!!

At Skógarrönd we take the care for our horses seriously: all horses receive a regular profesional (barefoot) trim about every 6 weeks, vaccination updates, yearly dental control from the age of 3 onwards and a daily feed of a high quality vitamin and mineral mix (NRM Equine Balancer) with Lucerne chaf, linseed oil and apple cider vinegar.

We love to share our true passion for the Icelandic horses; we are looking forward to meeting you!

With Warm Regards,

Jennie Boerema