dvd Starting Horses and Training

Now also available through Skógarrönd Ltd: the DVDs Starting Horses and Training Horses from master trainer Benni Lìndal.

Starting Horses is an educational video. It takes you on a three month journey to start training the young Icelandic Horse. The training method is derived from decades of experience and knowledge that Benni Lìndal and others have developed.

On the DVD Training Benni Lìndal continues from where he left in his first DVD Starting Horses. He opens up his training station in Iceland and allows you to follow him working with several horses through a single training season. The training method is based on mutual trust and respects the natural behaviour of the horse. The DVDs are great to watch easy to understand and effective in use.


Master trainer Benni Lìndal and photographer Frìðþjófur Helgason once more joined hands and now created a great educational book; Harmony. The book is an addition to the DVDs mentioned above. It is a complete and very readable instructional book on behaviour, keeping and training Icelandic Horses in order to be in harmony with your horse and nature. It is entertaining, exciting and gives you heaps of ideas how to train your Icelandic Horse.

Together with the two DVDs a real must for every Icelandic Horse owner and rider, who would like to have his horse well trained, supple and soft, light on the bit, sensitive, physically strong and secure in all gaits!