On this page you will find a selection of saddles, bridles and stirrups currently available at Skógarrönd LTD. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and further models.

Stübben Benni's Harmony Range and Karlslund riding equipment

Why use tack specifically designed for Icelandic horses?

For any horse it is important to use a saddle that fits the horse perfectly and suits the discipline of the rider. Especially with Icelandic horses it is very important to use a good fitting saddle. As adults riding a smaller horse with a shorter back we have to take care that the weight is spread out properly over the back of the horse. It is not uncommon for a badly fitting saddle to cause severe back problems and even lameness. An Icelandic horse has a high pain tolerance and will therefore not show signs of problems in an early stage. It is our responsibility to prevent those problems!

Since there were no special saddles for Icelandic horses available in New Zealand, I decided to become a dealer for the Stübben Benni's Harmony Range, a quality range specially designed for Icelandic horses.

Benedikt Lìndal

Benedikt (Benni) Lìndal is a well-known Icelandic horse master trainer from Iceland. Together with the company Stübben he designed a high quality saddle and bridle range for Icelandic Horses. They are available in different sizes and two colours; black and brown. Varying from saddles for competitions to trail riding. The saddles as well as the bridles are made according to the highest standards and quality as of Stübben.

"The Benni's Harmony saddle is a product, which combines the expertise of professionals in the fields of riding and manufacturing."

Stallion Audur with Focus saddle
Stallion Auður frá Lundum with saddle
"Fócus" out of the Benni's Harmony Range


Allround Comfort Focus Brown
The Allround
  • deep with a good seat
  • provides a secure feeling at all gaits
  • soft seat
  • suitable for training, leisure
The Comfort II
  • a comfortable well-padded seat
  • especially soft for the rider
  • longer panels
  • suitable for pleasure and trail riding
The Fócus
  • training and competition saddle
  • elegant design and quite sporty
  • extra large knee rolls and specially selected quality leather
  • larger back pad
  • no extra rings for saddle bags etc.

There are more models available, please contact us for further information!


Bridle dropped noseband English noseband English noseband combined

Both leather straps are on one piece to prevent them from being too close to the horses eye. The bridles are available in black and brown.

Icelandic safety stirrups

Icelandic safety stirrups have curved branches, which allow the rider to get his foot out safely and quickly in the unlikely event of falling off.



Double joined snaffle bit especially made to fit the Icelandic Horses.
A gentle bit made of a strong copper composition for a better taste.






Karlslund Riding Equipment

We are now selling the Karlslund range of riding equipment for horse and rider. We can offer you a wide range of gear from saddles, bridles, stirrups in different colours, stirrup leathers, bridles, girths, gel pads to jodhpurs, T-shirts, boots etc. See also our news page. We have various items in stock. Please contact us for more details.